Monday, January 30, 2017

Skip's Night

It used to be that every night, all four of my kids would call to me after having gotten in bed, "Mom, will you come lay with me?"  (Yeah, it should be lie with me, but who cares?) And this became a real problem because lying with all four of them for a period of time every night meant that I got no time to myself, which I desperately needed and wanted at the end of each day.  So at some point, I came up with a solution that was probably inspired by a tradition Sarah has with her kids.  I assigned each kid one night of the week.  Now, on his/her night, each kid gets to have me lie with them and do whatever it is they want to do while we lie together in bed.

At the beginning, Danin always wanted me to sing to her.  During my time with her on "her nights"  I sang to and taught her that old country song called Johnny's Daddy (Is that what it's called?)  She loved it and learned it quickly.  Then she and I started watching videos from Les Mis (the movie and the play) on YouTube and she started learning the songs from watching them so many times.  That was how I introduced her to Les Mis.  Usually, now, she just likes to read to me or have me read to her.

Most of the time on her night, Janey reads to me, too.  She's a great reader, that girl.  And now, she has me rub her back with her little purple back-rubbing tool while she reads.  It's fun to get little snippets of the books she's reading.

Camp ALWAYS takes advantage of his night by asking me to rub his back.  He knows I cannot say no when it is his night.  And he is picky.  He tells me exactly where to put my hands and where and how to push and apply pressure.  He looooovvvveeess to have his back rubbed, popped and stood on. Sometimes I wonder if something did happen to his back that day when he fell out of our second story 12th street window.  Hmm.  And he talks, too.  He's a talker like me and I love it.  During our time together on his nights, I have often asked him if he likes a girl yet and if he has any more hair in his armpits.  :)

And Skip.  My baby.  On his nights, we snuggle up close and give each other butterfly kisses.  I read to him a lot.  Many times I ask him if he wants me to sing to him and he usually says no.  He asks a lot of questions about what things mean and what is real.  (Isn't it interesting how kids always go through a phase of trying to figure out what is "real"?)  Tonight he asked me why Jesus is in Heaven and how he died and why the guys killed him.  He told me that he never hears God talk and I told him that Heavenly Father and Jesus speak to us through the Holy Ghost.  I told him that when I yell at the kids and am mean, Heavenly Father tells the Holy Ghost to whisper to me, Stop yelling.  He asked what the Holy Ghost is and I told him the Holy Ghost is a spirit--a person without a body.   Tonight I also reminded Skip that on Saturday he will get to go to Noah's birthday party.  I asked him if he plays with Noah at school and he said he does.  I then reminded him that every time I have previously asked him who he plays with at school, he has told me, nobody.  He laughed and told me he likes to tell lies.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nothing To Say and Pictures of the House

I'm sure you can guess which pictures were taken by my talented photographer sister, Laura Hendricks (havhouse on Instagram) and which ones I took with my outdated phone.  I am also realizing that I didn't take any photos of the laundry room or powder bath (and of course, none of the upstairs space).  But those spaces have all changed quite a bit, so I'll post updated pictures of them soon.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What I Think

What's up with all the weirdos posting a bunch of--well, just seven-- spam comments on my last post?  How do I delete them?  I'm much happier with my normal zero comments than with a bunch of nonsense comments.

I've realized something.  I've always said how much I love writing on my blog.  I love my blog.  It's my place to communicate, and communication is so, so important to me.  I can say whatever I want and go on forever, and I always have some pretended active listener.  It's my journal, my record of all the things I think and feel--a record that I hope will be important to my children someday.  And YET, I never write on it...  Why is that?  I know now.   Many years back, I thought I loved to cook.  I would cook (what I thought were) yummy meals and invite other people to come over and enjoy them with us.  And then at some point, I realized that cooking wasn't the part of the experience that I enjoyed at all.  It was the eating and socializing part that I loved...not the cooking.   Last night as I was thinking about writing on my blog, I came to the same type of realization:  it's not writing on my blog that I love, it's having writing on my blog that I love.  See?  Unfortunately for me, there's only one way to get that writing here.  I heard somewhere recently that that guy who started Facebook (what's his name again?.... Ian??) is working on developing technology that will allow us to communicate directly to others without ever having to type anything.  Our devices will be able to just pick up on our thoughts and sentiments and send them directly to others.  It would be (will be?) so cool to just be able to send my thoughts and my feelings directly to my blog someday.  But anyway.

I'm vey judgmental.  It's so awful.  But at least I recognize this about myself, right?  Isn't that the first step?

I feel judgment and resentment toward women who get boob jobs.  Weird, huh?  Yeah.  And WRONG.  Totally un-Christlike.  Because I know many women who have boob jobs and they are kind and good and fun etc., etc...  I know my judgement comes from my own fears  and insecurities.  It's like I feel that with every woman who gets a boob job, my own boobs--and body, by extension--become less desirable by comparison.  It's like when so many women are getting boob jobs, the REAL way a women's body looks after child-bearing gets forgotten so that a new manufactured body is the new standard.  You know what I mean?  How is my flat-chested body supposed to remain desirable to my husband when there are fake boobs running around everywhere?  Sigh.  I don't know.  Like I said.  I know this issue is just a manifestation of my own pride and lack of charity.  So I'll work on it and pray that Heavenly Father increases my ability to be content with myself and confident that Brian will love me and think I'm beautiful no matter what.

That reminds me.  I have a girlfriend who is going through a really tough time in her marriage right now.  I feel so heartbroken for her.  Brian and I are going through a really good time right now (and I am SO GRATEFUL) but talking with my friend reminded me of how incredibly hard marriage is and how desperate and sorrowful I (and Brian, too, no doubt) have felt so many times in the past.   I have wondered at times whether Brian and I will ever be able to really understand one another.  Sometimes I think that as part of our reward in Heaven, we will be given the opportunity to really be able to UNDERSTAND one another and see the world through each other's eyes for the first time--so that we can see and really feel one another's pains accurately.  You know?  I imagine that truly becoming like Christ IS what allows us that ability.  And then again, sometimes I feel like if and when I become way more like Christ, I will no longer care about being validated and understood because at that point I will have been finally able to forgive and put the past behind me and be grateful for the progress we have made.   Maybe it will be a combination of both those things.  But anyway...

Like I said, right now Brian and I are in a really good place and I am so happy.  And oh, man.  I hope Brian is happy, too.  That's one of the things that is so hard for my friend.  She thought she and her husband were really happy.  She WAS really happy.  It totally blindsided her to find out her husband wasn't feeling the same way..  So hard, right?  SO hard.

Wow.   This is totally not what I was thinking this blog post was going to be.  I was going to write about the house and the holidays and all my kids' birthdays...But wait.  One more thing.  I finally realized--just last year--that the reason Brian and I are always fighting around the time of Valentine's Day and our anniversary in February is because it is right smack in the middle of what always turns our to be the slowest time for our business!  Why did I never recognize this before??  This year, however, I am armed with this acknowledgement and I am determined to not let this slower season get me stressed.  It will pass.  It always passes.  So there's no point getting my panties in an bundle over it.  It is January 18th today and we are happy, so we may just be able to make our way through February without freaking out!  Yay!!

So yeah.  We finished the house.  Thank dang goodness.  The year and a half that we spent planning and building the house constituted the second-hardest period of our marriage.  It was so, so....hard.  When I think about what made it so hard,  I'm not really sure.  It was just so much stress on Brian that he became more unhappy and unpleasant than he has EVER been before.  And that, of course, meant that I was also stressed and unhappy and unpleasant.  And I don't mean to say that it was Brian's fault that that period of time was so horrible.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I caused most of the stress Brian was feeling during that time.  So it was more MY fault.  But anyway... so glad to have the door shut to that period of time forever.

Fortunately, we all looovee the house.  We have had some really difficult and sad situations with some of our neighborhood members (which I don't feel like writing about) but this house has been such a place of peace and fun for these last 4 months.  We are truly loving it.  What a blessing.

Monday, June 13, 2016

What I Think And A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

So I can't put this off any longer.  It's important, right?  To write (type) the things that go on inside my head?  Because someday someone will care.  Someday, I will care.

I told you how last year I realized a very painful truth about myself, right?   I realized that I am a very selfish person.  Sad, huh?  Totally.  Because mothers, especially, are supposed to be unselfish.  They are supposed to be willing to sacrifice everything for their husbands and children.  So this year I have been taking little steps to practice being unselfish.  And it's hard!  But I'm working on it.  The other day at the soccer field, I had come prepared in my nice, warm down coat.  Danin had not come prepared.  She was cold.  So you know what I did?  I offered her my coat!!  And then she was really warm and I was less warm, but really warm in my heart because I had done something that was unselfish.  Also, the other night after having worked on the house with Brian, I suggested we go out to eat.  I love going out to eat.  And even though I felt like eating Mexican food, I told Brian it would be totally fine for him to order a stuffed-crust pizza instead.  He did, and I just had a big bowl of cereal--probably Wheat Chex, which I love--and 2% milk.  (I love 2% milk.)  But so unselfish, right??  And then tonight, when we were having dessert,   I asked Brian if he wanted the piece of cake that had the big chunk of brownie on top before taking it for myself.  My levels of unselfishness are getting crazy high.  :)

So anyway, I'm working on that.

And I'm working on raising several fiddle leaf fig trees right now.  If you like decorating at all or ever look through a decorating magazine, you know that a fiddle leaf fig is practically nonnegotiable.  So back in January, I purchased my first baby fig--on Amazon, if you can believe it!--and it came all wrapped up in a little box in the mail.  A month later, I bought another one that was about 3' tall at a nursery in Portland.  It was doing awesome, except that it was kinda growing tall and narrow, instead of bushy like I wanted it to grow, so I read everything there is to read about fiddle leaf figs on the internet and then successfully pruned it.  Pruning these trees forces new branches to grow out of the main trunk beneath the pruning spot.  I even took the top that I had cut off and put it in a jar of water in order to start a new plant, and it worked!!  So now my original plant has two new branches and lots of new leaves, and I actually have TWO new fiddle leaf plants that are the result of the propagation.  So awesome, huh?!!   Please be excited with me about this, because it has seriously made me so happy to see all this growth.  Like, I get giddy with excitement. (Side note: When I was a little girl and my family was living on Prince Lane, we planted a lawn.  Every day I watched the dirt to see if any little blades of grass were poking through yet.   And soon enough, little cow pies started to  push up all over the yard by new, little tufts of grass.  I wanted so badly to knock those little cakes of dirt off in order to reveal the new grass underneath (and sometimes I did), but my dad (or mom, maybe?) had told me that it was important to let the grass break through the dirt on its own because it would be too weak to withstand the sun if it was uncovered too early.)  ANYWAY, just like I've cared about making my bed perfectly for 30 years, so have I always had a fascination with watching plants develop and grow.  And the leaves on fiddle leaf figs grow so fast that you can practically watch them getting bigger.  So it's totally cool.  And every time I see a new leaf sprouting, I take a picture and text it to Steph.  And she get's excited with me.  Thanks, Steph.

My little Fiddle Leaf Fig baby from Amazon.  

Amazon baby after about 2 or 3 months
This is the tree I bought at the portland nursery

A couple months after buying it and right after it had fully developed three large new leaves, I cut the top of the plant (to force new branches to grow) as well as several of the lower leaves.
Here is a close-up of the spot where I cut top of the main trunk off.  It is so hard to do when you are cutting off the newest, most beautiful leaves!
These are the starts of two new branches which immediately developed a total of five new leaves!

I also pruned the top of a second smaller trunk of my main tree and two new branches formed there as well!

This is the top that I chopped off of the top of my main plant

After about a month or so, it finally started to grow roots!  Yay!
After all the roots were about two inches long, I planted it in dirt in a pot.  Right now it is sprouting its own first new leaves!  I'll post pictures soon!

This is the SECOND round of new leaves on my main plant since my pruning.  This means the main stem (or trunk) of this tree has now grown two new branches and a total of eight new leaves just since I pruned it a month or two ago.  So fun!
 P.S.  As it happened, during the time that I was pruning and caring for this tree, we just happened to be studying Jacob 5 in Gospel Doctrine.  So that was cool.

No Fiddle Leaves here.  Just a room that I love.  :)

 Awwww boy...  Now I've rattled on about fiddle leaf figs and not really written much of anything about the stuff that is going on inside my head.  Another day, I'll write about how sad I am that so many of my friendships have changed; and about how I'm watching Camp become a teenager and i'm proud and terrified at the same time; and about how Jane admitted to me that she doesn't feel comfortable telling me things because I expect her to be perfect (She's right.  :(  I'm so grateful she told me and I'm working on it.); and about how Danin just trusted me with a special secret and it made me so happy;  and about how Skip will be in kindergarten in the fall and I will lose my baby; and about how I wish so bad he had one really good friend;  and about how Sarah made me laugh so hard on the phone the other day that it made me so lonely for laughter; and about how Brian and I have been getting along SO much better lately....  And the house!  I'll write about the house, too.

Right now, though, it's late--and I need to wash my face and put on my Rapidlash.  So another time...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Pictures

Happy Birthday, Bip.
Valentine Pancakes

Skip told me he was wearing these medals because he was trying to dress like a "gangsta".

Gave himself "purple nurples".  Nice.

Thank goodness for Nana dressing us on Easter!

Sugar Plum's big night (i.e. the night she got the sex talk.   She had and continues to have more comments and questions than any of the kids so far.)

Why work when you could be catching caterpillars?

Snow boots and Slurpees